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Taking To The Next Level went live in 1997 and was one of the first online forums for this classic sports car. Over the past twenty years this site has grown to be the largest online community of Fiat Spider fans on the Web.

Pure Mountain Logic has just completed a redesign and rebuild of this site with the purpose of capitalizing on the site's traffic and turning into a revenue generating entity. Both the static site and the forum are built using responsive code, allowing all of the content to be device agnostic and mobile friendly. A Primary sponsor has come on board and additional sponsors and advertisers are signing up, recognizing the ever increasing value in the targeted exposure that offers.'s stats are impressive - On average more than 15,000 individual visitors per month and averaging 3-4 Million hits per month. The site currently has almost 14,000 registered users. You can learn more about how got started by visiting the site and checking out the "About" section. Here's the link:

cutler creek

Cutler Creek is a brand new exclusive whitetail game preserve that is currently under development in some absolutely gorgeous country in lower Ohio. Pure Mountain Logic is working with the team of investors to develop the overall online brand and presence for Cutler Creek. This work includes logo and brand design, digital strategy consulting, social media, full web site design, development, hosting and maintenance.